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Is The ZEN8 Swim Trainer Suitable For Me?

Have you ever wondered if the ZEN8 indoor swim trainer is too difficult or too technical for you? GB Pro Triathlete, and his non-triathlete mom, Kieran Lindars put the ZEN8 swim trainer to the test.

Our goal here at ZEN8 is to help everyone become a faster, stronger and more confident swimmer - no matter your skill or experience level. Whether you are new to swimming and want to gain confidence before heading to the pool. Or, you are an experienced age-group triathlete looking to gain an advantage over the competition. Here at ZEN8, we want to be there for you during every stage of your triathlon training.

To prove that the ZEN8 swim trainer is for everyone, Kieran captured his moms first few minutes trying out the ZEN8. One of the most common mistakes in swimming is dropping the elbow. This reduces the surface area of water that you are able to pull through with each stroke. Thus, reducing the effectiveness of each stroke. After only a few minutes, Kieran's mom was able to perfect 'the catch' and improve her swimming technique.

Check it out in the full video below:

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