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"A game-changer for ANY LEVEL!" "people notice i swim faster!"
Scott Bass Triathlete

“ZEN8 Changed my swimming forever. I am now far more confident at my races. Massive time saver and convenient to use. Love it!”

2:05 / 100m
1:35 / 100m
Claudia McCoy Triathlete & Coach

“5 Months without swimming due to injury. When I got back in the water,I was amazed... Thank you ZEN8!”

Speed Sustained
Yiannis Christodoulou Triathlete

“It works so well for me, and I'm getting faster at swimming. This has helped me a lot in winning the national middle distance championship!"

1:38 / 100m
1:24 / 100m
Fede Spinetta Triathlete

"Thrilled with my race results—shaving a full 10 minutes off my swim. For anyone serious about elevating their swim performance, I can't recommend ZEN8 enough!"

2:31 / 100m
1:41 / 100m