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ZEN8 was founded during the 2020 pandemic in the French Alps at 2000m above sea level by Age Group Triathlete, Victor. With one mission; to help time crunched athletes like himself become faster, stronger and more confident in the water.

Rewind to 2018, Victor completed his first Olympic Triathlon. After almost quitting during a panic in the water, he had a serious word with himself and finished the race. It was at that moment he was hooked on the sport of Triathlon. But one thing was for certain, he needed to become a more confident and stronger swimmer.

It was time to train and get ready for the next challenge, Ironman 70.3 Cascais 2019…

Always trying to be #1 at what he does Victor put in many hours training for his Half Ironman where he was chasing a TOP 10 in his AG. Trying to balance training and life in general, work and family, the days were not long enough. Going to the pool felt like such a big effort and very time consuming. The bike and run always got prioritised because of its simplicity and Victor started dreaming of ways to be able to supplement the swim training in the comfort of his own home.

Race day came and with that a 22nd place in the 35-39 AG Cat, Victor was happy with his result but not satisfied. There was still room for improvement. To become a better swimmer he knew he had to put in more hours to get the consistency needed to reach his goals.

When lockdown hit, pools closed and the only open water was just melting from the top of the mountains in the Alps, Victor knew it was time to find a way to bring the Swim Training indoors to his living room.

With no space for an endless pool or a big heavy Swim Trainer it was time to give the stretch cords a go. It didn’t take long to realise why elite-swimmers have been using them for years but also to find it very unnatural standing up with the back bent over trying to simulate actual swimming technique.

Together with other athletes, triathlon & swim coaches, Victor designed a swim bench that was ready to be tested.

Fast forward 3 months and multiple of samples and tests later ZEN8 had a ready-to-launch product.

“After using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer for 3 months my swim power and technique has shot through the roof. I can finally say that I enjoy going to the pool as I am now one of the fastest in the lanes bringing my 100m pace down by over 15 sec. Get fast and save time, what is there not to love?” - Victor Founder ZEN8

ZEN8 is here to help you get Faster, Stronger and more confident while saving time for the things that matter to YOU!

ZEN8 is a state of mind. Where you’re one with yourself and your own power.


ZEN8 Founder

Victor Jarland

Founder of ZEN8

Kieran Lindars Ironman

Kieran Lindars

Head Coach at ZEN8 /
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