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ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Robert K. (Frankfurt am Main, DE)
swim- and vertebraetrainer

a easy way to train for swimming and also for mobilizing and stabilizing the vertebrae for the daily need

Sehr stabil und angenehm

Sehr robust und angenehm drauf zu liegen deutlich komfortabler als herkömmliches Zugseiltraining

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Katy (Coventry, GB)
Love it!

Because I'm self employed and work away from home quite a lot, getting to a pool can be tricky so the Zen8 is going to help my training no end with its portability and the time efficiency

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Paula R. (Tower Hamlets, GB)
Great bit of kit

Really good, solid piece of kit. It’s well made and feels strong. I have used it for about a month now and the drills have already helped me with my swim. Highly recommededed.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Iris M. (Velbert, DE)


ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Jim G. (Elk Grove Village, US)
Zen 8 Reveiw

I bought the Zen 8 because I would not be able to swim for my normal frequency in mid December to mid January and because though it would be useful even after that , So far it seems to have delivered some extra power to my stroke and I am glad I ordered it. It seems to build strength that normal swimming cannot because the only time you can build strength otherwise is when you are going really hard and those times are limited.

Absolutely 💯 product with carefully constructed progressive programmes

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
L. (Warrington, GB)
Highly recommend

Very helpful customer service, I also work shifts so sometimes find it hard to get to the pool in line with swimming timetables and pool opening times, really useful to have so I can still get a swim session in if I can't get to the pool, also came with lots of workouts and videos which I found really helpful to watch how to do each exercise before attempting it myself, noticed my catch and pull have both improved noticeably even in the short time I've had this, can't wait to see what results I'm getting after a longer period of time!

Thanks for you feedback L.A. Great to hear that you enjoy the ZEN8 Swim Trainer and the video workouts, and we're thrilled to hear your catch and pull has improved in such a short time. Keep training smart. Merry Christmas

Limited swim time?orjust a problem finding suitable sessions

I have such little time to swim . I used to swim
3 x a week but now do 2 x and 2 Zen sessions of no more then 30 mins at a time.
Technique has improved thanks to Zen and although I’m swimming less my speed has improved! Would recommend, especially if finding time for swim sessions is a problem.

Thanks for your ZEN8 review. We're so happy to hear that your technique has improved and you're swimming faster with less swim time. That is the power of training smart ;) Keep training smart!

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Rachel B. (Solihull, GB)
Zen 8 swim trainer

I bought the Zen 8 as I only have time to swim twice a week. It means that if I have a spare 15 mins at home I can get some extra swim specific training in quickly, without having to go to the pool. As the resistance is so much higher than water, 15 minutes is plenty! It has really helped me position my arms correctly for the catch phase. Definitely recommend.

Hey Rachel. Amazing to hear you're finding the ZEN8 Swim Trainer valuable in your training, and that your catch seems to improve.

Yes, the Swim Cords are definitely a bigger challenge than the water, and the stress on the muscles will make us stronger :)

Thanks for recommending. Here to help if you've got any questions.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Pablo R.G. (Madrid, ES)
I need to practice more

The first session I didn’t feel comfortable maybe cause my body position over the ZEN8 was strange for me. The second and the third session were much better. I found a better place in my home to install the zen8 and got to make a good 30 minutes of exercise, and the better notice is my good session in the pool the next day, with a better and stronger stroke. So I have to continue for get used and feel more comfortable. I my case the neck is too tense and that’s the reason of my discomfort. I hope find a better body position next days

Hey Pablo, great to hear that you have noticed a difference in the pool already. The ZEN8 Swim Trainer will take some time to get used to, especially the bench as it's designed to be slightly unstable which in the long run will help with core activation and body control.

Make sure to not look up, but stay relaxed in your neck. Try to potentially move back or forth on the bench until you find that your neck is in a good relaxed position.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you've got any question. We're here to help.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Pierre D. (Antwerp, BE)
Leuk om techniek en kracht te trainen

Ik gebruik het toestel enkele maal per week wanneer ik niet genoeg tijd heb om naar het zwembad te gaan. Zo kan ik toch nog op een eenvoudige manier technische en krachttrainingen uitvoeren. Ik voel echt resultaat.

Great to hear that you use it in your weekly training, and feel the difference in technique and strength. Keep training smart!

Goed product, zinvolle aankoop voor meer efficiënte zwem training.

De trainer is een kwalitatief goed product en het werken ermee is zinvol.
De video's zijn ook goed opgezet,is een gestructureerde methode om je techniek te verbeteren.
Het enige verbeterpunt wat ik zou kunnen verzinnen is de online map met video's. Zou dat graag in een logische app zien, de online omgeving is niet Angie even logisch.

Great product. But beware if you’re tall

Overall a very good swimming alternative to help create muscle memory for good technique. Especially the catch element. However if you’re above 6’3/6’4 it is impossible to make the most out of it. Balance exercises are very hard to do. I guess they have to hit the market for the average sized user with the size of the trainer.

Not as easy to use as I thought. Checking the return policy.

The drills are awesome, I feel stronger and more stable when I'm swimming.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Jens J. (Meppen, DE)

Need a Plan

Hi Jens
Thank you for review. I hope you are enjoying the training. I can see you havent completed the training in the quick starter plan so I have re-enrolled you to the plan. Please do visit your account at ZEN8 Coaching to get access to the plan.
Once you have completed the quick plan I hope you sign up to the full training, which you can do so here:

We are also here for any support you may need.
Enjoy the training.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Gillian L. (Preston, GB)

Fabulous service , quick and very efficient , my grandaughter thinks it’s great

This is amazing to hear that your grand daughter enjoys the ZEN8 Swim Trainer. Thanks for sharing :) Have a wonderful day. ZEN8

BUNDLE: ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer + LVL 2 Power Cords
William S. (Seattle, US)

I never received my training plans! It said it would come in the box with everything but there wasn’t.

Hey William. Sorry that it was unclear how we deliver our video workouts, and coaching plan. You will have received an email from with login details and activation of your training plans.

These are in digital form, and can be found at
If you can't find this email, reach out to us and we will enroll you for access ASAP.

Have a great day, and sorry again for the confusion.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Claudia M. (New Port Richey, US)
Perfect for fine-tuning swim technique and building strength

Using the Zen8 swim trainer regularly is a great way to fine-tune my swim technique without having to get to the pool every time. Being able to just do some short work on it more often, gives me the option to work on my swim lots more than I would have time to otherwise. The neuromuscular adaptation an muscle memory is so super important to actually see a difference in the water.

BUNDLE: ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer + LVL 2 Power Cords
Ian H. (Hull, GB)

Great product my daughter has used this product to gain shoulder strength and improve technique without the problems and time constraints trips to the pool provide.

Hi Ian
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are thrilled to read your feedback, and so happy we are helping your daughter. Keep up the training and we are here if you need any further support.
Founder, ZEN8

Great concept..could do with an app for workouts please?!!

Please could you create an app for the workouts?

Hi Nicola
Thank you for taking your time to leave a review. We are thrilled to read your feedback :) At the moment we do not have an app but the workouts are available at
I hope you continue to train with us, we are here fi you need any further support.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer
Diane E. (Isle of Islay, GB)
Still getting to grips with it

Recommended by a coach in my Tri club after he saw a significant improvement in his swimming after a few weeks of use. I’ve been using the trainer for a few weeks myself but I’m yet to see an improvement, however I remain hopeful! I’d have preferred for the 14 days free trial to last a bit longer as I missed the last workout. I’d been away on a break and hadn’t realised it was time sensitive, it would be good to have access to these workouts whenever you want.

Hi Diane
Thank you for taking your time to time to write a review.
Your feedback is very important to us.
We want to ensure all our users are getting most out the ZEN8 Swim Trainer so I have re-enrolled you to the Quick Starter Plan so you can get the last workouts completed. Please visit your account at ZEN8 Coaching and you will see the workouts in your account.

For any further improvements please do not to hesitate to reach out to us via email at and we will be here to help.
Best wishes

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