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Great for home training

I’ve introduced it as home-session when not going to the pool, in 2 weeks my catch and pull have improved drammatically and I’ve gained 12” on 100m laps. Can’t wait to discover how much better I’ll get in a few months

ZEN8 Dry Swimming Aid

Bought this to help me, for those days when I'm not in the water. I still get to swim but out of the water instead, and helps with inner core strength and balance. Definitely feeling the benefits already


Easier to setup if you blow into the bladder than use the pump. Other than that, my only other wish would be that there were more options for resistance bands. I wish there was a thicker band that offered more resistance.

Overall awesome product.

Thanks for the feedback Shaun! We're happy you like it :) The LVL 2 resistance bands sold out and we're hoping to have them in store very soon! We'll keep you posted. Enjoy the training.

Great for rehab

Messed up my rotator cuff a year ago and this has been amazing at getting things working (along with my physio workouts). Will be using for shoulder support for ages now. Great job guys.

This is amazing news, Gary. Thanks for the feedback and keep us posted how you're getting on :)
Well done!

Zen 8

Really enjoying training,
It will take me a while to get comfortable with it .
Dont know if I am correct lying down or if I have enough air pump into it ,
Looking forward to the videos when training

Hey Gerard.
Thanks for your feedback, it means the world to us
Please can you take a short video of yourself and send that to and Kieran our coach will get back to you :)

Try to get a video from the side 10sec and 10sec from the front. We will help to get you in the perfect position!!

Sporty regards,

ZEN8 swim trainer

I‘m really happy with the trainer. It improves my swim technic in a short time. I felt my muscles after every Training but I‘m happy ;-)

So happy to hear this! Well done Sebastian. Let us know if you have any questions on how to get even faster. We are here to help
Reach out on social media or email and our Coach will get back to you ‍♂️

LVL 2 Swim Cords by ZEN8 | Swimming Paddles for Dryland Swim Training
Jonas S.
Working equipment!

I give just 4 stars becouse in my opinion the paddles surface should be covered with non slip material.All of rest is very good product to build swimming muscles and technic.

ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer for Triathletes Swimmers & Surfers | Dryland Swim Training Equipment | Improve Freestyle Technique | Swim Bench & Swim Cords

Tri training

I’ve used it 3 times a week along with 2 swims a week in prep for Ironman FL in Nov. I mainly do two arm pulls of 40-30-20-10 x 4 rounds and incorporate other lifts with it. It’s very good to get a swim specific lift that you can go to exhaustion on each round and attack just swim muscles.

Training at home

Hi guys I am enjoying using the zen 8 it’s early days and some days seem harder to grasp than others but when I get in the pool to swim drills I feel stronger and people have commented that my stroke has improved

Great Item and yearly package

I have really enjoyed using the Zen8 indoor swimming block and premium package video classes. Also the customer care was very quick to reply to my message and correct a mistake I had made on the system. Greatly appreciated.

Wonderful training tool

Looking fwd to the gains that your product will help me with in the future!

Excellent training tool

Quick, easy to set up and an ideal solution for those who can’t get to the pool or water as much as they would like.

Great option

I use it to maintain surfpaddling muscles.
Great for the back,shoulders and arms.Veey compact,low bulk and easy to move around option to the swim machines at a tenth of the price.
Maybe some anti slip on the bottom of the cushion would be good but on my cork floor it works fine as is.

One of the best Inventions in life

Thank you so much for this GREAT invention !!! You saved my life cause Swimmingpools (during corona) were closed for so long and meanwhile - since I have ZEN8 - I préfère „Swimming“ on my terrasse several times per day, every day and I am sure thats much more effective than swimming in the Pool cause its so much harder (and better) I just love it, thank you so much
(First I was shocked by the braxit taxes and shipping costs (total:40€)
But I already forget them cause Zen8 makes me super happy every day.) a must have For me

Great idea and looking forward to seeing the results

Great product, tired of doing swim drills standing up and bending over. The zen 8 allows you to do the drills whilst activating your core.

Excellent trainer

The Zen8 trainer is excellent for people who don’t have access to the pool or can’t make the time. Easy to set up and easy to use. Very happy with the quality of materials too-

Efficiency Maximized

Order, delivery and set up couldn’t be easier. I was really impressed with the quality of the material out of the box. The initial inflation of the bench took some time, but it holds the air great. The free two week training plan and videos are really well organized and easy to follow. I can get in a swim and bike trainer session done in just over an hour. I highly recommend this product for people who don’t have a swimming base or who struggle to get to the pool on a consistent basis.

Thank you nice product but a Little bid to expensive

although I asked kindly, unfortunately I did not receive a baseball cap to advertise your great trainer

Great out of water training aid

As a lifetime swimmer, both competitive and recreational, pool and outdoor, I see this product as a useful development for out of water training. The innovation of the inflatable support bench is the key. This will become an invaluable tool for swimmers but I predict that Triathletes will see it as a training essential.

good way to feel not totally unable to swim and to keep arms and shoulders trained. not yet back into the water will keep u posted !

Great product

Absolutely great product and material! The price is more than fair! Extreme fast delivery also!
Enjoy the possibility of exercising with zen8 🤙🏽

Elastinsistesms are perfect but the paddle ca be improve like a gloves, Inhave disability on my s...

A strap or an ergonomic paddle can give a good improvement I’m working on i my regards Alex