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Difference maker

I’ve always struggled with endurance due to poor form. The trainer along with the videos have helped me improve my form and training in the pool in just a few weeks. I feel stronger and more relaxed which makes swimming much more enjoyable.

Early days but good so far

I’ve done the intro course and am now on the 8 week foundation it feels better and I feel stronger. Looking forward to how this translates into actual swimming when the time comes

Stroke Correction and strength

I was a competitive swimmer and doing triathlons for over 10 years, so swimming is not new. However, within 1 month, Zen8 has already made me a stronger swimmer and corrected my stroke with better arm positioning.

ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer for Triathletes, Swimmers & Surfers

Great Kit

Excellent for building upper body strength and working on the catch in your own home. I would definitely recommend.

Great product

Videos and material have really helped me improve my catch in just a couple of weeks. I would like to be to print off the workouts though. Thanks!

+40 ZEN8 On-Demand Dryland Swim Workout Library (Ever-growing)

Love it and shipped quickly

On the go trainer

Excellent tool I take with me. I frequently travel to areas without pools or near water. Zen 8 has drastically helped my catch.

Zen 8 & training package

Great product and simple to follow plan. Perfect for the athlete with limited pool/Time

The ZEN8

My wife brought me this product as a gift, got to be honest when i opened it, i was disappointed and thought is that it, put it togther and had a any man..i didnt look at anything and thought..not worth it
But then..watched the videos and did what they said and techniques....i can honestly say its one of my fav bit of kit....i love it..its help me so much, i would recommend to anyone. U can feel the difference very quickly, its made me completely change my swimming......advice...listen to ur wife and watch the videos and do what they say lol
Well done ZEN8....and the swim hat is a wicked cheekly gift...if ur into fitness or getting into it...once u learn this bit of kit and get the hang of it, u wont regret it

Bought it for my son for Christmas. He loves it! Great gift

Quick delivery

Super fast delivery. Unfortunately I'm out of action due to illness so haven't used the product yet. I will provide feedback when my treatment finishes.

Supporting my goals

It took me a little time to get used to the ZEN8 trainer but I incorporate this with my S&C now on non swimming days. My goal is Lake Windermere in July 2023 and this trainer will help me to achieve that along with my pool and open water swims!


Great tool for swimmers. Can see results right away. Feel much stronger!
Thanks Zen8 Team! ***** stars!

Great supplemental pool training

With a busy schedule of family life and business travel, ZEN8 is a great dry land alternative to my pool training. I'm a couple months in, the structured training plans are great! We'll see during the coming season what the results of it are.

Very effective Swimming booster

I use it for about 1 Month and I’ve gained 5 seconds at each 100m

Zen8 newby

Got the trainer for Christmas. 4 sessions so far - foundation course. I like being able to break the free and fly strokes down into their component parts to make sure each phase is technically correct. Looking forward to building on this foundation. Eager to see how it translates into real life swimming

Problem de stabilité

Le produit n’est pas stable quand on est allongé dessus, il est donc difficile de pouvoir effectuer les tractions avec les élastiques car on tombe sur le côté .. Produit pas assez large sur sa base

Bonjour Bruno. We are sorry to hear that you feel that the bench is too unstable.

The Swim Bench is designed to be unstable, and this will help with body control, core activation and coordination.

98% of people using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer for the first time will find the Swim Bench challenging, and this is good. It means there's room for improvements.

We recommend starting off with both feet on the ground, and over time start incorporating single leg raises, and then attempt shorter sessions with both feet off the ground, even though the end goal is snot to constantly use the Swim Trainer with both feet off the ground.
This depends on the workout you're doing.

We would be very happy to jump on a Zoom call with you to show what workouts that may help.

Don't hesitate to email us, and we will set this up whenever it works for you.


+40 ZEN8 On-Demand Dryland Swim Workout Library (Ever-growing)

using for a month review

Been using it for a month, 3 times a week however too early to tell if there have been any improvements as I haven't been in a pool during this time. Guess time will tell, for that reason I can only give it 4 stars.

Can't wait to hear how you feel after a month out of the water! We hope you've maintained your fitness or even better when back! ‍♂️

I really like the workout video library

I have already used elastics at home with the paddles in the last months but without specific workouts to follow I've lost motivation: every time I give up after a few minutes of workout because I need someone to train me. Now I can only swim 3 times a week with a trainer, 50 minutes a day and I think my stroke is still too weak. During the covid-19 I stopped swimming and now I'm trying hard to get my old pace of 1.20 minutes/100meters. I'm over 40 now and I hope Zen8 will help me with some dry swimming exercises. I really like the videos in the complete workout library but I'm still doing the 4 week foundation plan: I converted the pdf as garmin workouts to help me with the timing. I hope to give you more feedbacks in the future.

Great product.

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