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ZEN8 and The BMC Pro Triathlon Team Announce Partnership

The partnership will see ZEN8 - a leading swim training equipment manufacturer - becoming a BMC Pro Triathlon Team sponsor.

About The BMC Pro Triathlon Team

BMC Pro Triathlon Team, with over a decade of experience, are the most successful team worldwide, with 105 victories and 212 top three finishes. BMC Pro Triathlon Team believe that in today's triathlon, it takes a team to achieve those ambitious objectives. So they push and support each other every day. They train, suffer, laugh, and ultimately achieve greatness together.

CEO, Bob De Wolf reflects: “Since the launch of the international team in 2014 the results have been outstanding with the team finishing on the podium in nearly 50% of the races, claiming 109 victories in the past 7 years, including 8 continental championship titles, two Vice-World titles, two podium finishes at the World Championship Ironman in Hawaii and victories in a number of the most prestigious races on the calendar."

About ZEN8

ZEN8 will become the official indoor swim trainer supplier to the BMC Pro Triathlon Team.

ZEN8 is a leading indoor swim trainer designed to help time-crunched triathletes, athletes and swimmers train their swimming technique and conditioning from the comfort of their own homes. Invented by Age-Group triathlete Victor to help like-minded triathletes save time and increase their swimming confidence and skill, the ZEN8 swim trainer is designed to improve swimming confidence in both the pool and open waters.

Victor Jarland, Founder and CEO of ZEN8 continues: We are thrilled to partner with the powerful BMC ProTriathlon Team and to share the passion for triathlon. As the official sponsor of BMC Pro Triathlon Team indoor swim training equipment; we strive to enhance the day to day training routine for the athletes so they can perform when it matters. We look forward towards achieving shared success in the coming years and to be part of BMC Pro Triathlon Team’s vision. The vision of becoming the leading long-distance professional triathlon team in the world. Together we’ll work to inspire and encourage our athletes and fans to become faster, stronger and more confident on race-day.”

The Partnership

ZEN8 and The BMC Pro Triathlon Team are co-operating to create an online coaching plan using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer.

The online coaching plan will feature structured workouts and a host of online videos. These structured coaching plans will focus on allowing ZEN8 athletes to be able to train like a pro. Using knowledge from professional BMC Pro Triathlon Team athletes, Pablo Dapena Gonzalez, Max Neumann, Chris Leiferman, Chelsea Sodaro, Kat Matthews, Kristian Hogenhaug, Patrik Nilsson, and British professional triathlete Kieran Lindars, the coaching plan aims to give ZEN8 athletes the knowledge, skills and programmes to be able to raise their workout levels to that of a BMC Pro Triathlon Team professional level, using the ZEN8 swim trainer.

The coaching plan will feature warm up exercises, drills to improve technique, core and balance exercises, mobility routines, shoulder stability exercises, cool down routines and bonus extra tips and drills.

BMC Pro Triathlon Team Sponsors ZEN8

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