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Stand-Up Stretch Cords vs ZEN8

A lot of people wonder why you would want to use the ZEN8 swim trainer as opposed to simply standing-up when dryland-training with stretch cords. This article will answer all your questions. 



Many athletes use stand-up stretch cords to replace a full swim session either because of pool closures or time-constraints due to triathlon training. Or, simply as a shoulder workout. While stand-up stretch cords can be great for warming up before a race or a swim session, they have their issues. And, until the ZEN8 swim trainer, there haven't been many - affordable - alternatives.


The Problem With Stretch-Cords

The problems with stand-up stretch cords arise when you start trying to replicate full swimming sessions - or when you do specific, dedicated sessions. The biggest draw-back to the standing-up method is that in order to get the right catch position and the right technique you have to bend over. This can put unnecessary stress on the legs and the back.


The Difference, In Comparison With ZEN8

The difference between the ZEN8 and stand-up stretch cords is particularly important now that pools are shut and athletes are starting to do most of their swim-training at home using stretch-cords. Three to four swim sessions, standing-up, using stretch-cords can add up to a lot of time under strain on your legs and back. This stress can have a detrimental effect on triathletes, in particular, who need to include running and cycling sessions in their training schedule.


Why Choose ZEN8

The ZEN8 indoor swim trainer allows you to lie in a much more natural, and streamlined position, which helps alleviate the stress on your legs and back caused by stand-up paddle work. This lying position not only helps you recover faster, compared to stand-up paddle work, but it also means that your legs are ready for your running and cycling sessions. The ZEN8 swim trainer also allows for subtle side-to-side movements, which means you have to engage your core.


The ZEN8 swim trainer allows you to achieve a more specific workout, making the time you spend doing elasticated paddle work more valuable and efficient.


Check out the full video, explaining the differences, below:


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