Global Triathlon Network Add ZEN8 To Their Xmas Wishlist

The Global Triathlon Network have added the ZEN8 indoor swim trainer to their triathlete Christmas wish-list. For all the good triathletes this year the Global Triathlon Network has come up with their ideal triathlon Christmas presents.

If you are wondering what Christmas presents to buy for yourself or for your triathlete friends and family, look no further than the Global Triathlete Network's recommended ZEN8 Swim Trainer.

The ZEN8 Swimming Trainer is a game-changer for non-elite swimmers who want elite level performance in no time. It is a first of its kind Swim Trainer that will not only build swim-specific upper body power and technique, but also activate your core thanks to our Swim Bench Design. 



ZEN8 Swim Trainer Triathlete Christmas Present

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