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5 Unspoken Reasons Triathletes Underperform In Swimming

#3 is the most common one after asking 5789 age-group triathletes

We Asked 5789 Age-Group Triathletes:

What was holding them back from performing better in the water, and...

what changed after incorporating Dryland Swim Training?

85% of these triathletes are not from a swimming background and used to swim 2.4 times per week on average. Now they supplement with Dryland Swim Training 2 to 3 times per week, with as little as 15 minutes per session.

Discover the TOP 5 most common reasons from our survey 👇, and what held these beginners to elite age-group triathletes back in the past, and where they are now.

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer

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1. 'I used to be embarrassed going to the pool to be lapped by my out-of-shape neighbor!'

"I wanted a way to help improve my swim strength and to practice my catch and pull, without the need to go swimming!

I have definitely improved my catch and pull and am comfortably 5 secs per hundred faster than I had been with just swimming 3 times a week in the pool. I feel more comfortable going to the pool!"

2. 'Being a weak swimmer, sinky legs, getting overly fatigued at the pool then not going back for months!'

'I love it! I love being able to have a quick 'swim' during lunch, without all the prep and travel that going to the pool entails.

I've gotten stronger and I have more endurance making it easier to swim. 

Love the portability of the swim bench,
and there is so much versatility to do upper body workouts and also kicking exercises. Helped with a stronger core.'

3. 'Too time-consuming to drive to the pool change, shower, change, drive home. 2.5 hours effort for a 1-hour swim! Work, family, and training mean pool time get less priority than other life commitments!'

'I love the ZEN8 Swim Trainer! Being able to keep my swimming strength up without having to sacrifice other commitments is why this is possibly the most important training tool I own.

Now I can include a short 'swim' before my indoor trainer rides and brick sessions with ease!

I was genuinely surprised to see that my strength improved whilst using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer. I'm swimming faster now with less time in the pool than previously when I was swimming 4 times a week!'

Designed for Swim Training - The unique Air Swim Bench by ZEN8 will fire up your core.

4. 'Leaving family at home to go to the pool!'

'I think it’s a really good alternative to pool swimming allowing me to train as often as I can. 

It is really useful with two baby boys around as I can use it just for a few minutes. I use it a couple of times a week as a proper session but use it most days for a quick 5 or 10 mins spare moments.

Strength training the specific muscles or groups of muscles for swimming without having to worry about breathing etc. Catch position very easy to see out of water and also can focus on pull all the out the back!'

5. 'I love the open water more and do not like swimming in a pool. I used to lose a lot of swim fitness waiting for the water to warm up'

'ZEN8 has been brilliant during the off-season as I personally don't like the pools.

It really makes you more aware of your swimming technique. Also saw this with my athletes. So really love it. Keeps the total fitness that you need as a triathlete. Not just the catch and pull, but also the core, and back.

You really feel what muscles you need to use for your swimming. More easy on land and then it is easier to translate it to the water!'

ZEN8® Dryland Swim Trainer

Swim Faster in weeks when you start training with ZEN8 Dryland Swim Trainer.

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Is there a triathlete that hasn't thought 'I wish swimming was as easy as getting on the bike or going for a run?'

The whole idea behind ZEN8 is to make it easier for you to train for swimming. Having an alternative way to build swim-specific strength, and endurance and work on your catch and upper body strength means you can focus on getting a good feel for the water when you finally have time to hit the pool.

You should be able to be consistent in your training so that you can turn up confident at your next race. That's why founder, Victor, designed the original ZEN8 Swim Trainer. A Dryland Swim Trainer to help you get more swim-specific training done in less time.

You too can train like this and quickly feel the difference in the water.
If you've got 15 minutes. 2-3 times per week, we've got the game-changer.

Check out ZEN8 Swim Trainer

This is the easiest way to unlock new speed in the water. And it's simple to use.

Will A Better Catch And Pull Maximize Your Propulsion?

Will A Stronger Core, And Better Body Control Minimize Drag?

Yes, You're Right!

But Why Go To The Pool For This? Get It Done At Home.

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The go-to Swim Trainer for thousands of age groupers, BMC PRO Triathlon Team, and PRO Triathlete Kieran Lindars, 2022 European Champion

ZEN8 Head Coach - Kieran Lindars, 2022 European Long Distance Triathlon Champion

Your On-Demand ZWIM AT HOME™ Coach

Kieran Lindars has been working with ZEN8 since the start and is the man behind ZEN8 Coaching. Kieran is one of the best swimmers in the world of triathlon and recently showed that he's a man to look out for in the coming years, after his victory at Challenge-Almere which crowned him the European Long Distance Triathlon Champion.

Kieran shares all of his knowledge in the ZEN8 Coaching Library, and you can even train with him. The workout library is full of easy-to-follow workouts, that can easily be played on your phone or laptop.

Simply jump on your ZEN8 Swim Trainer and Kieran will guide you.

Train more in less time with ZEN8, and turn up confident at your next event. You'll love the results!

Check out ZEN8 Swim Trainer

What PRO Triathletes say about ZEN8...

"ZEN8 is perfect to work on the first part of the catch!"
- Patrik Nilsson BMC Pro Tri Team

Even PRO Triathletes sometimes need an alternative when life get's too busy.

Not to replace the swim, but as a tool to keep muscles activated, work on the catch, and stay sharp!

Check out ZEN8 Swim Trainer

You don't need to swim 4-5 times per week to see faster results.
Just cut the junk training, and be smart with your limited time.


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