LVL 2 Swim Cords by ZEN8

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ZEN8 - Dryland Cords LVL 2 Strength  For experienced Swimmers & those who want extra power! The ZEN8 - Swim Cords are an excellent way to build upper body swim power, mobility...

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Charles S.
Prone Paddling practice!

I bought to practice prone paddling since I can’t make it to the ocean that often. I would kneel on 2 Bosu balls and paddle on my knees. The bungee chords were a lot tougher than I thought, probably need and easier chord. I swim a lot (9k-11k per week) so not a beginner I only made it 15 minutes the first time! Looking forward to my next session. I don’t have any pictures or videos at this time, but can send something later. Thanks, Charles

Paul L.
Swim corrds

The standard cords brake, I use them form 30-40 minute sets and have had 2 sets snap. The second set were a replacement so can’t complain about them.

joseph m.

LVL 2 Swim Cords by ZEN8 | Swimming Paddles for Dryland Swim Training

Ralph M.
did not receive item..

can’t not give a review have not received item ordered..

Richard C.
Simple but effective

Ultimately this bit of kit can be replicated with other bits of kit, Tubes and a bench for a lot less money, but where the Zen8 is clever is in the small details, the single handles with paddles attached to aid catch, and the slightly unstable ‘bench’ to promote core and postural strength, Come together for a far more realistic experience.

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