Introducing the ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer, originally designed for time-crunched triathletes to help improve swim power and efficiency on days when swimming was not an option.

The ZEN8 instantly caught interest amongst surfers looking to improve surf-fitness and enjoy longer days catching waves.

Discover the secret weapon that will help you build power and endurance for paddling and balance and core strength for better body control so that you can stop being fatigued whilst surfing and instead enjoy longer days in the ocean.


Just like triathletes, most surfers don’t always have time to get all the training done that is crucial to fully enjoy their sport at the level they want.

Nothing is worse than turning up to an intense day of surfing with your friends knowing you’re only fit enough to endure 2 hours. 

Founder Victor designed the ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer so that he could build swim specific power and to refine his swim stroke on days when he did not have time for swimming. What he didn't know is that it would become an essential tool for surfers who's got a life outside the sport.


It didn’t take long after ZEN8 was launched until surfers in the UK got their hands on the ZEN8 Swim Trainer, using it to build up power and endurance before the summer season.

“I don’t get many opportunities to go surfing so I better make sure I’m ready for it!!” says Chris O’Riley - Surfer & ZEN8 User

"If you want to get better at surfing you need to optimise your body and push yourself in ways that mimics what you do in the water. The ZEN8 has been such a great tool in the build up for this season!"

Chris normally gets to his favourite surf spot at the weekends and like everyone else, battles for his share of the best waves. However, it's survival of the fittest as the fittest surfers will catch most of the waves.


Chris continues - “If you’re anything like me and want to catch good waves, you have to stay on top of your fitness to have a fighting chance out there. With the ZEN8 I enjoy  surfing more than I have done in years and I feel more explosive out there."

One of the few ways to become a better surfer is to catch more waves - obviously.

But the problem is, many surfers are limited to their fitness and when this fails them no more waves will be caught. 

“The ZEN8 Swim Trainer has become an invaluable tool for me and has help me take my surfing to the next level! ”

Chris spends 20 minutes / 3 times per week on the ZEN8 Trainer in his living room.

“The inflatable bench is what makes this so good! It’s given me better balance overall as you really have to work the core whilst on it and at the same time it mimics being on the board!!”

“Its a great tool for anyone who loves to surf and wants to enjoy being out longer in the ocean!”

Since ZEN8 launched in 2020, over two thousand athletes from all over the world are using the Swim Trainer to get stronger in the water. No matter if you are a  weekend surfer or PRO Triathlete, the ZEN8 will help you get stronger, faster and endure longer sessions in the water.

Are you fed up of getting fatigued after just a short while, just to watch the stronger surfers catch the good waves? If so ZEN8 is offering UK surfers a great deal during the summer sale + FREE shipping on the Indoor Swim Trainer. Click this link to get this now.


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