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Nice Product

Product is made well and works great. However I found the software program to be a little tough to work with - missed the two week trial due to issues so now just using product randomly until I have time to dig into this again.

Hey RK. Great to hear that you love the swim trainer :D

Sorry to hear that you missed out on the 2-week trial. We have enrolled you in this again, and if for any reason this is not a good time, just let us know and we will make sure you get access to this when it suits you. Have a great weekend. Victor

The best swim trainer on this planet

So I am training for my Ironman and this swim trainer helped me get my form right! This is one of the best thing an tri athlete could ever get. I am soo happy that I got zen 8 swim trainer! I can see a huge change especially with the core activation while swimming!

You guys are the best! I hope this swim trainer reaches every tri athlete so that they could all smash those swim workouts!

Cheers guys and good luck!

Great fun

Great exercise. Quick and easy regular alternative to the pool.

Not too sure about purchase

Contructed well, shipped quickly. Very clumsy to use and very unsure how best to use.

Its great so far. Just received it.

Seems to be helping

I’ve used it every day this week. So far I like it a lot.


Fits the purpose of gaining swimming specific muscular fitness and has already improved my swim times


I haven't tried it out yet as have had eye surgery but am excited about the prospect of improving my stroke production .

ZEN8 SwimTrainer

Great product, easy to setup. Training for Ironman, this will be clutch.

Amazing tool

An amazing tool to better you form. I have been using for a short time and it has done wonders. Being your not in the water you can concentrate more on the form and see what you are doing. Excellent trainer.

New user

I wish it had a easier way to inflate. I also found it difficult to watch and follow the instructions for using. I still don’t understand how to use the hand paddles?

Hey. Thanks for your feedback, we'll take this on board and are always trying to improve. you should have received set-up videos + FREE 2 Week Trial to the coaching plan via email, or you may also use the QR code on the packaging.

Here's a video explaining in detail how to use the hand paddles.

Please let us know if you've got any other questions, here to help.


Brilliant aid for youth swimmer

I purchased this for my son (11) to work on his technique on the days he doesn’t train. He trains 4 days a week, so uses this on the remaining 3 days. In the three weeks he has been using it, I have already noticed a faster pace, better arm technique, and he has noticed that he can swim stronger for longer. He’s not quite strong enough to use the arm ropes/paddles yet, they always ping off when he tries to use them, so he does separate resistance band exercises, but this will come in time. The YouTube videos are really helpful in giving him short training exercises too. It would be great if there could be some further videos uploaded focusing on use by youth, particularly as his body is much smaller! Great investment, very impressed.


Excellent ZEN8. Easy to set up. Great videos for set up and beginning use were a big help.

Good idea and a good workout

I have used it a couple times and so far, it has been a pretty good work out in a short amount of time. I am excited to see if it brings any swim gains.
I wish they had more exercise routines though.

Quite a workout

After seeing this on FB multiple times and at 15% off, I took the plunge. Also, my local pool has been closed for resurfacing so I have not been able to swim since the end of March. Using ZEN8 gives one a solid workout! I’ll be interested to see the results when I finally am able to get back in the pool. Also, it arrived quickly and was fairly easy to set up, although getting it fully inflated takes some time. Thank goodness that a pump is included!!

Living Room Swim Training

The Zen8 is working out great. It took about 3 15 minute swims to find I can even track distance, SWOLF and time using the swim app on my Garmin 945 watch. I think the Zen8 will let me get a fitness workout without taking time to drive to the pool.

I like the concept, but not sure of the effectiveness

I was excited dor this product since it would be a good training alternative cause the open water is still really cold. In using it, it seems to not keep air in it, is that how it is designed to do? Is is less stable than I thought it would be. Is that how it was designed to be, since in the water one wouldn't be stable? I will keep trying to use it to see if it helps me. The concept is great.

Hey Adam. Sorry to hear about your inner bench. It should hold the air tight, and should not leak. Please email us, and we will send a replacement to you today, free of charge!

The Swim bench is designed to be unstable. the small side to side movements will over time lead to a stronger core and better body control. As you get used to it, you can incorporate single leg workouts (One leg off the ground) or both feet off the floor. This will help improve your streamlined position with time, reducing drag in the water.

Hope this helps.

Prone Paddling practice!

I bought to practice prone paddling since I can’t make it to the ocean that often. I would kneel on 2 Bosu balls and paddle on my knees. The bungee chords were a lot tougher than I thought, probably need and easier chord. I swim a lot (9k-11k per week) so not a beginner I only made it 15 minutes the first time! Looking forward to my next session. I don’t have any pictures or videos at this time, but can send something later. Thanks, Charles

First Sprint Tri

The workouts are very productive and efficient. I wasn’t expecting much from the trainer. However, I was proven wrong. The workouts are exactly what is neede and I’m very confident about my first Tri this summer.

Swim corrds

The standard cords brake, I use them form 30-40 minute sets and have had 2 sets snap. The second set were a replacement so can’t complain about them.

Z1 goggles

Great, well fitting goggle. The Z1 looks the part and certainly feels comfortable. Love the fact that the nose piece is adjustable - this is something that I look for in a pair of goggles. Slight downside, the fitting is a little loose - it won't come off when the goggles are on, but they may slide out when putting them on/taking them off. Other than that, great goggles, and they fit my eye sockets perfectly.

Building Muscle Memory

Enjoy swim specific training on days I can’t get to the pool or I want to add a strength/swim/upper body workout to training. Trainer helps visualize the high elbow swim stroke and building muscle memory. Already have noticed a difference in the pool as I am more aware and able to notice my high elbow catch mechanics. More powerful stroke with just technique improvements.

Great product and even better customer service.

The ZEN8 swim trainer is exactly what it says on the tin and more. Like many triathletes, finding time to swim is not always easy while trying to balance work, family life and fitting in the other training hours that are needed to be fast.
This does it all, it has meant that I have actually become a faster swimmer while swimming less. It's easy to fit a quick 20 to 40 minute session into the day before work or before an evening run or ride. The online workouts are effective and easy to follow, and you see the results quickly when you get in the water. It will help you develop your catch, pull and push phases of your stroke and depending on the workout, can increase you core strength.
Also, the after sales service is A++. When I had an issue with a part, a quick email conversation was started and replacement sent.

Helped A Lot

Although nothing replaces being in the water and trying to breathe, ZEN8 has definitely helped me improve my stroke and enabled me to slowly analyze exactly what I'm doing wrong with each portion of the stroke. It is helping me build shoulder strength and it is the best for, the price, to help with swimming when you can't get into the water. It stores easily and can be quickly set up and broken down and put away. I wish I had ordered ZEN8 months ago when I first saw it.

LVL 2 Swim Cords by ZEN8 | Swimming Paddles for Dryland Swim Training

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