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How to Swim Faster 
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8 Tried and tested tips from PRO & age-group triathletes – using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer

If you’re like most age-group triathletes, you have a background in running or cycling (or both!), yet when it comes to swimming, you oftentimes feel like you “missed the boat” somewhere along the way.
It is no secret: swimming faster is one of the best ways to feel more confident and comfortable when race day finally arrives.

What most triathletes don’t know is that swimming more in the pool is not the only way (or even the best way!) to become a better swimmer. In fact, dryland swim training can be nearly as effective as swimming more often – if you know how to train properly.

Here are some simple, tested tips used by Pro triathletes, including BMC Pro Tri Team to win championship titles in the past year alone.

1. Maximize your training time

2022 Ironman World Champion Chelsea Sodaro balances family life as a new mother and still trains as hard as she wants by using the ZEN8 Swim Trainer.

We have surveyed thousands of triathletes over the past 2 years, and the #1 challenge keeping triathletes from becoming better swimmers is time. Balancing work, family, travel, and still finding enough time to train – and improve – is difficult.

That’s why having a flexible training option you can fit into your schedule is crucial. The ZEN8 Swim Trainer allows you to get swim-specific training in at home, whenever it fits into your schedule – with training videos that target your specific weaknesses or maximize your strengths.

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2. Swim-to-bike brick sessions

Most triathletes focus all of their brick sessions on T2 and bike-to-run. As a result, if you practice T1 brick sessions, you can set yourself up with a considerable lead early on in the race.

It’s really motivating to be ahead early on and still feel like you have the power to keep up the pace to hit your own PR… Rather than trying to “catch up” during the cycling and running portions of the race later on.

Rather than trying to practice your swim-to-bike brick session at the pool, now you can do it all in the convenience of your own home with the ZEN8 Swim Trainer.

Kat Matthews - BMC Pro Tri Team - 2nd @ Ironman World Championship St George

Pablo Dapena Gonzalez - BMC Pro Tri Team

3. Swim-specific strength training

When it comes to swimming, aerobics are important – but strength takes the cake when it comes to speed. And the fact remains: water doesn’t offer a lot of resistance.

Strength training with the ZEN8 gives you an unfair advantage in the form of superior resistance and muscles that can easily pull a lot of water with each stroke. Every top triathlete combines strength with aerobic training for swimming speed; you should be, too.

4. Visualize your stroke

“If you can’t do it on dryland, then you won’t be able to do it in the water.”

Visualizing your stroke – and carrying it out against resistance – is easier done when you’re not trying to focus on breathing and the feel of the water at the same time.

That’s why dryland swim training with the ZEN8 gives you an outsized result for the time you put in: it improves your skill dramatically, in much less time.

5. Activate your core and
 learn proper body positioning

Every triathlete wants to avoid the plague of “sinky legs,” yet most dryland swim training does NOT activate your core or teach you proper body positioning. As a result, you have to spend even more dedicated time “planking” to build a stronger core.

ZEN8 features a “perfectly inbalanced” swim bench that allows you to comfortably get in a swim-like position and will make your core work with the rest of your body, tiring you out after just 15 minutes! It’s super effective for both your time and your goals.

6. Practice your high elbow catch

Put your arm out in front of you. Now, drop your forearm and fingers downward so that your elbow is above the level of your wrist. Your arm should feel somewhat like a paddle. And then, drop your elbow below the level of your wrist.

Which option gives you the feeling of catching more water when you pull back?

A high elbow catch gives you more leverage and natural torque, helping you catch more water with every stroke. When you are swimming in the water, it’s impossible to “see” if you are getting the technique exactly right. However, when you are using the ZEN8, you can slow down each stroke and rapidly improve your technique and muscle memory.


7. Minimize drag & stop sinky legs

When it comes to swimming, propulsion is only one side of the equation! Minimizing drag is yet another essential technique to maximize your speed through the water.

After every stroke, you should be focusing on making your body as aerodynamic as possible to reduce drag through the water – and improving efficiency so that you are not working against yourself.

The ZEN8 helps you practice on dryland so that you can “get it” in the water – in less time.

ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer for Triathletes, Swimmers & Surfers

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8. Train with a coach

Of course, if you want to be the best then you have to train with the best! Every professional triathlete has a coach… Why not you?

The ZEN8 Swim Trainer bundles come with on-demand video training from Kieran Lindars and other pro triathletes who walk you through their own workouts and help improve your technique and build strength. In short, you get to train EXACTLY like the pros do to win their own races.

ZEN8 Head Coach & 2022 European Long Distance Triathlon Champion Kieran Lindars

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