Why You Shouldn't Use A Swimming Kickboard

Our friends at Propulsion Swimming believe that all training and drills to improve your swimming should directly translate when performing a full stroke. Which, is why they recommend not to use a kickboard.

Kickboards affect your body position by raising your head too high, dropping your hips too low, and keeping your hips flat. This is in contrast to when a full freestyle stroke is performed.

Propulsion Swimming recommend using the 'swordfish' kick instead of using a kickboard.

Use the 'swordfish' kick for:

  • Replicating the actual Freestyle stroke
  • Improving body rotation
  • Training timing of your breathing
  • Enhancing full extension after each arm stroke

Check out Propulsion Swimming's video below for a full description of how to perform the 'swordfish' kick.


However, we believe there is still a place for kickboard swimming. Especially for social swimming sessions, beginner swimmers and allowing for swimmers to be able to hear the coach during a session.