The Freestyle High-Elbow Swimming 'Catch' - Triathlon Swimming Technique

Make your strokes more effective. 

The Catch

'The catch' refers to the very first part of the stroke where you try to catch as much water as possible in every stroke. The more water that can be pushed through from a powerful and skilled catch, the more you are going to propel yourself forward. If you can perfect this technique, you will be able to swim much more efficiently and get as much power out of every stroke as possible.

Practising the Catch

British professional triathlete Kieran Lindars demonstrates how to practise the catch using a ZEN8 swim trainer:

 Step 1

The first step of working the technique on the trainer is to start off with the arms in a nice, neutral position.

Step 2

Next, you are going to bend the elbow and, as we do we are doing this, keep the forearms and the hands nice and straight together.

Step 3

Then, whilst keeping the elbow nice and high, the forearm and the hand are going to push through. This creates a big surface area along the forearm which you can then push the water through.

Step 4

Repeat these steps as a drill where you keep a nice high elbow and alternate between each side. The beauty of this is that you can watch your arms, see what they are doing and keep repeating until the technique is flawless.

Step 5

Take what you have learned, and try it in the pool.


Using a Swim Trainer

One of the best ways to practise the catch is to use a swim trainer such as the ZEN8 swim trainer. This will allow you to take your time and perfect your strokes before getting into the water. Once you have perfected your swimming technique, you can then practise it in the pool and really notice the difference.

Perfecting the catch on the ZEN8 swim trainer

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