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The ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer consists of an inflatable swim bench and resistance swim cords with paddles. It is designed and developed to help triathletes, runners, swimmers, surfers as well as other athletes and coaches to get faster and stronger in the water.  


If you have any technical questions about the swim trainer, we hope to answer them here. This section covers: 

1. What strength resistance band do I need?  

2. How do my swim paddles attach?  

3. What is the ideal user specification?  

4. How do I access my training plan? 

1. What strength resistance band do I need?

The Swim Resistance Bands that come with the Swim Trainer set is ideally made for people swimming slower than 1m20sec / 100m. Athletes that do swim faster than this will still be able to use these Swim Cords for longer sets, endurance work or recovery workouts. But we do recommend that you upgrade to the Level 2 resistance band here. As you get stronger and faster, we do recommend that you upgrade to a Level 2 Swim Cord Band.  

2. How do my swim paddles attach?

NO drilling need, just attach cords to any strong fitting in your home. Loop the bands around a door handle, or use the anchor in between a closed door or window.  

Watch 'How to SETUP your ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer with PRO Triathlete
Kieran Lindars' here

3. What is the ideal user specification?

More information coming soon. Please email us at if you have any queries. 

4. How do I access my training plan?

Please refer to the leaflet enclosed with your swim trainer set. Here you will find a QR code to scan (with a relevant QR app) and this will give you access to all things ZEN8 coaching.  

The ZEN8 Indoor Swim Trainer comes packaged in a box measuring 30x25x17cm and 3.4kg. 

The Swim Bench is roughly 35x50x80cm when fully inflated. Depending on resistance needed, an area of about 4m² is needed for the trainer when it's being used.   

We offer worldwide shipping. If your country is not on our list, please get in contact and we can update this. For our shipping policy, please click here

Shipping policy includes:  

o Brexit Information  

o Delivery Information  

o Shipping Times  

o Will I Have To Pay Additional Import Duty, Tax Or Charges?  

o Once I Place An Order, How Quickly Will It Ship?  

o Can I Change My Shipping Address After My Order Has Been Placed?  

o How Do I Know When My Order Ships?  

o Can I Track My Order?  

o What Happens If My Package Gets Lost?  

o What Do I If I Have Received The Wrong Or Damaged Item  

o How Much Does It Cost To Ship To An Overseas Destination?  

o Can I Cancel My Order?  

If you can't find the answer to your query above please contact us at and we will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours.   

At this time, we are direct-to-athlete. That means we package your swim trainer and ship them directly to your doorstep. In the future, we will look into physical locations based on demand in your specific area. Until then, you will find all our products online only.

Our products are built to accommodate daily training. Endurance, intervals, power and recovery swim workouts for triathlons and swimming.

The answer is yes, but the most important thing is that their coach can see the benefits from using our system. With younger athletes it’s all about balance. It is not uncommon to find younger swimmers doing land training work or at least being introduced to it. The indoor swim trainer would definitely support this and without pool time, it’s one of few ways to train the muscles in a swim specific way. The standard band strength is 3.6kg -b10,8kg, therefore, despite being regarded as resistance training, it could be put in the same category as body weight exercise. The key would be to start in moderation and build up the work.  

If you have any queries on the age of the child wanting to us the trainer and the level they are competing at, we are happy to pass on to our coach who can give better guidance. He has experience swimming alongside olympic swimmers and national medallist. 

Yes, we do! If you think you have a story to contribute to our unique brand voice, find out about our ambassador program here.

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